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Druze Experience 30 JOD

Druze Experience

1 Day(s) 0 Hour(s)

Included: Traditional lunch fees, Azraq Wetland Reserve entrance fees, Guiding fees, Cooking class fees.

  • (0 Reviews)

Straw Experience 10 JOD

Straw Experience

1 Day(s) 0 Hour(s)

Included: Experience.

  • (0 Reviews)

Farm Cooking Experience-Gallayeh 10 JOD

Farm Cooking Experience-Gallayeh

1 Day(s) 0 Hour(s)

Included: Guiding fees , Ajloun forest reserve entrance fees .

  • (0 Reviews)

Reef Springs 10 JOD

Reef Springs

1 Day(s) 0 Hour(s)

Included: Lunch, Soft drinks.

  • (0 Reviews)

Mosaic experience in Madaba 10 JOD

Mosaic experience in Madaba

0 Day(s) 1 Hour(s)

Included: Experience, light lunch.

  • (0 Reviews)

Jabal Amman Trip 25 JOD

Jabal Amman Trip

0 Day(s) 3 Hour(s)

Included: Tour Guide.

  • (0 Reviews)

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Campsite Trail 17 JOD

Campsite Trail

1 Day(s) 0 Hour(s)

Included: Reserve entrance fee, Guiding fee.

  • (0 Reviews)

Oryx Safari 12 JOD

Oryx Safari

1 Day(s) 0 Hour(s)

Included: Guiding fees, Reserve entrance fee.

  • (1 Reviews)

Orjan Village Tour 25 JOD

Orjan Village Tour

1 Day(s) 0 Hour(s)

Included: Guided only.

  • (0 Reviews)

Jet Ski 30 min 45 JOD

Jet Ski 30 min

1 Day(s) 1 Hour(s)

Included: Jet Ski.

  • (0 Reviews)

Fly Board 50 JOD

Fly Board

1 Day(s) 1 Hour(s)

Included: Fly Board.

  • (0 Reviews)

Parasaling 35 JOD


1 Day(s) 1 Hour(s)

Included: Parasailing.

  • (0 Reviews)


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