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  • In the city of Jerash and in  Burma region in particular, Mrs. Ibtisam Jassin Abdulaziz Salamat undertook a simple project with her husband and children, which is the local honey production, as at the beginning of the project the main product was honey and it was sold in the bazaars and festivals that were held in all regions of the Kingdom.
  •  In the beggening, The Project faced some challenges and difficulties, as Mrs. Ibtisam used to face difficulty in wearing a beekeeper's uniform and going to the apiary, but she was encouraged and supported by her husband, did they not say behind every great woman a man!
  • With the days, there are many other products that were extracted from the hive, such as propolis, royal jelly, pollen and original beeswax.
  • And the project has developed so that they produce other products of honey, such as honey soap, which is 100% natural, free of any chemicals, and has great benefits for the skin in addition to the red mixture that treats acne as it is a very common disease among young people, so it is considered one of the most popular products and is also treated. This mixture burns the fire and burns the sun. And any other skin problem.
  • One of the characteristics of the Bisan apiaries experience is that it provides the opportunity for the tourist to wear a beekeeper's dress, the adventure of inspecting the beehive, watching the queen bee, and the way honey is sorted directly, as the experiment includes taking the place of the beekeeper, and we will talk about these steps in a nutshell where tourists will be trained in the apiaries in detail for the experience of honey extraction :
  • At first, the tourist will wear the beekeeper uniform
  • A growing cell is prepared to place the harvested honey frames, and care must be taken to close all hive ports with pieces of sponge.
  • Then the tourist blows smoke over the hive to ensure that the bees are calm when starting to harvest honey from the hive.
  • And remove the outer cover and then the inner cover very quietly as the bees become aggressive at this stage.
  • Then remove the wax tires filled with honey with great caution.
  • Finally, honey was placed in empty tires and then transferred to storage areas away from the apiary.
  •  At the end of the fun journey, a meal of traditional local products is served, to enjoy spending the most beautiful times in the picturesque city of Jerash.

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