Making Al-Jameed Al-Karaki - Reem Al Saoub


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Kerak, Jordan


 Whether you are Jordanian or a visitor from outside Jordan, of course, you heard about Mansaf with Karaki Jameed. Al- Jameed Al-Karaki is what makes Al- Mansaf of Karak so popular due to its delicious taste. Mansaf  would not be complete without it, according to the opinion of everyone who tasted it. Al-Jameed Al-Karaki is distinguished for its ease of manufacture and preservation, in order to suit the way of life of the Bedouins in the past. As for the way it is made, it is usually made from sheep's milk, then it is converted into yoghurt and then the milk is shaken in dedicated containers made of goat skin in order to separate the milk from the butter in the milk, and this process is called shaking. After that, the milk, which is called chanina, is taken to be heated over the fire without being moved, and when it begins to curdle, it is placed in a bowl of gauze for a period of not less than a day in order to filter it by getting rid of the excess water in it. And when the mixture becomes homogeneous, it is preserved in the form of rigid balls that are rubbed and put with water when needed to use it, and of course the jameed has other uses except for the mansaf, which is the most famous one. Jameed is also used in the famous Rashouf dish and others as well. The experience of making jameed with Reem Al-Saoub in the city of Karak includes learning in a practical way how to make jameed in detail and in an easy and simple way produced by the region's bounties. The experience will not end without presenting Mansaf with Jameed Karaki for the visitors with unparalleled flavor.