Beitna Zaman Home Stay

Bitna Zaman

20 JOD
24 Hour(s)
Arabic English
Save the environment

• Comfortable shoes

• Sunblock

• Overnight

• Lunch

• Hiking

• Breakfast

• Transportation

* * Receive a full refund for cancellations done 7 days before the experience date * No refunds within 7 days of the experience date * Your experience can be canceled and fully refunded within 24 hours of purchase * All bookings made less than 24 hours from the starting time are final and non-refundable

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Ajloun, Jordan


Once upon a long time ago. We have always talked to our children about our live in ancient times, and how beautiful it was near orchards, farms and away from modern equipment and the complexities of the modern time, but did they really believe that our lives were much more beautiful than the life in these days? Don't you think that it would be more convincing to your children if you made them live your own experience? That is, to live the past in the present. Beitna Zaman on Ajloun Mountains offers you this wonderful experience, which combines the life of our ancestors in the countryside with the luxurious life in the modern era. When you arrive you will know yourself Beitna Zaman Home Stay, it is a building that combines the originality of the past, which is characterized by the beauty of the old stone building and the greatness of the present, which shows the features of comfort and luxury, where you find the appropriate sleeping beds and comfortable Arab court. If you ask me about the most beautiful thing in Beitna Zaman Home Stay, I would answer that it is the fabulous home garden with fruits and refreshing health, where there are pomegranate trees and other plants of high nutritional value. And do not forget that you are at high altitudes on the mountains of Ajloun, which are famous by their fresh air, and which in turn improves your mental and physical health. In order to spend all your time relaxing in the arms of nature and not to be preoccupied with anything else, even with the preparation of food, we have provided you with the best food and the most delicious preparations by Muntaha. Ask and wish what you desire of local food and authentic Jordanian dishes we have in Beitna Zaman Home Stay. And you and your family are welcomed anytime