Jerash Handicrafts Association

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Jerash Handicrafts Association

Tour Description

If you are interested in handcraft gifts especially made in Jordan, you have to go on a tour to the Jerash Handicrafts Association. Jordanian traditional crafts are interesting and reflect their unique culture and history. They are also diverse and include woven carpets, blown glass, painted glass, jewelry, silver, porcelain, embroidery, mosaics, straw baskets, and carved wood products. These traditional crafts represent Jordan's diverse cultural heritage. Tourists and locals who are looking for gifts, souvenirs or home appliances made in Jordan that evoke the memories and spirit of Jordan should be present at the Jerash Handicrafts Association. There are many handmade products to suit all tastes, budgets, crafts, embroideries, Jordanian musical instruments and textiles which are always kept by tourists as a Jordanian souvenir. Natural handicrafts such as wood are included in the handicraft industry. The Jordanian Shemagh and Jordanian uniforms are among the most famous Jordanian souvenirs that tourists often buy. Olive, colored sand, wool, goats and local stone are used, and Bedouin heritage, desert, and mountain landscapes are used as inspiration for their designs. Local craftsmen have proved that they are able to create a wide range of handicrafts such as the distinctive sand bottles in Jordan that have the Petra design. The manufacture of these bottles is also a traditional Jordanian craft. If you feel that you want to learn how to make a sand bottle with the painting you want, the association offers an opportunity to train in the manufacture of handicrafts you love, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this tour of cultural heritage rich in heritage and the possibility of making handicraft with your hand !!

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