Ashraf Antiques & Handicrafts

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Ashraf Antiques & Handicrafts

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Beauty is in the simplest detail, and that's what handicrafts do. If you want a special tour of art and heritage, you should visit Uncle Ashraf in Ashraf Antiques & Handicrafts in Jerash. There are still many popular categories such as Uncle Ashraf who are interested in the details of beauty and make and present it in the form of handicrafts reflecting the culture of Jordan and elements of his aesthetic image. The first manifestations of the existence of handicrafts in the past that they were necessary for a specific human need, including decorating and covering tools, as they began to reflect the feelings and characteristics of society and take the character of the human and the environment that make up this country. Because each country has its own artistic and cultural characteristics. The preservation of ancient instruments is an integral part of the heritage atmosphere, all reflecting a thing of the past over the present. The antique, which makes you feel that you still exist in the old era, you feel as if you inhale the smell of oil fuse, and listen to music from the Gramaphone that takes you on a journey through time as if you were in the era as if you were in the era of art masters Abdel Wahab and Abdel Halim Hafez, who said "Sawwah" in his famous song. If you want to go on a traditional craft tour and an archaeological tour, you should immediately book a tour to the Jerash market, where antiques and handicrafts are available. In the tour, we deal with Ashraf Antiques & Handicrafts. All you need to do is to take the tour to Ashraf Antiques & Handicrafts and tour the high-end art and heritage tour. Wear comfortable walking shoes as you go with family, friends and children. This tour will be great in the autumn, so you may need autumn clothes in a mild autumn atmosphere. This round of easy tours is rich in gentle roaming in stores. Do not miss the opportunity to wander in Ashraf Antiques & Handicrafts in Jerash !!

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20, Jarash, Jordan