Farm cooking Experience-sajiyeh

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Wild Jordan

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The Farm Cooking Experience Have you ever had the chance to cook in the heart of nature? A local chef will guide you throughout the process as he/she cooks a great crowd pleaser dish (Sajiyyeh or Gallayeh) made from ingredients found on the organic farm. We guarantee to cater to your taste whether you’re a meat lover, or a vegan/ vegetarian at heart: - Sajiyyeh: a traditional Jordanian dish typically prepared while discovering the outdoors. Sajiyyeh is based with either chicken or beef cubes, cooked on a wok over a high open fire, it is seasoned well and cooked with onions and/ or any available produce. Usually, salads are served as a side dish along with seasonal fruits, cold beverages and water. The perfect closure to such wholesome meals is definitely a proper dark cup of tea made on crackling wood fire, enjoy!

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Farm cooking Experience-sajiyeh

عجلون خشيبه،، Ajloun, Jordan

08:00 AM

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