Wadi Ghwair Trail

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Tour Description

Continue along the gravel river bed of the Wadi, alongside a flowing stream, to the entrance to Wadi Ghweir. Very similar to the famous Siq in Petra, the trail leads through magnificent sceneries of different stone formations and many unique plants and trees on both sides of the river. The scenery is so breathtaking it has been known to cause visitors to forget about everything else -- including how long they have been hiking! After 3.5 hours, you will have tea and you can rest and learn more about the area from your guide. From there, continue to the Byzantine archaeology at Khirbet Feynan until you reach your final destination at Feynan Ecolodge. *This trail is closed in the case of rainfall in the surrounding mountains, due to the possibility of flash floods

• Comfortable shoes
• sun block


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• Guiding fee
• Reserve entrance fee

• Prices do not include transportation fees to the starting point

• 3 days before

(Not available in winter and during Ramadan), guided only Distance: 18 km Time: 7 - 8 hours Requirements: Transportation to and from Al Mansoura near Shoubak area; no fear of heights

Tafiela Qasabah District, Jordan

07:00 AM

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