Blessed Olive Tree Soap Project

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The Blessed olive tree Soap Project, a project of individuals trained in the experience of making soap from olive oil. Individuals were trained in the work of olive oil soap by Agricultural Engineers during a course in an association. The experiment was followed up and presented to the trainer and the results were impressive according to the individuals received. The necessary equipment was then prepared and olive oil, tarcrete and soap were secured. Soap was manufactured, marketed and participated in several exhibitions, including the Milk festival, The Gersh festival and the Norah restaurant, and 16 women were trained in the Raymond society with funding from csr. Women from the Saab area were trained at the charity Pioneer Society. And has been selling a good amount of soap and then developed skills to manufacture other types of soap, join the team for a glycerin soap of all kinds, and groups requesting this project to train the benefits of the soap, is from natural materials and aromatic oils to soften the skin, unify the skin tone, remove dryness of the skin, remove acne, freckles and the user area of the skin and aging and skin tightening. The price of soap is two Jordanian dinars. The distribution of the color and shape content of the soap smells, flavors, and design a personal page on the social media, containing images of the products of this project.

• Sunblock
• Comfortable shoes

local Soap Art Family

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• 2 days

Duration: One Hour

20, Jarash, Jordan

08:00 AM

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