Karam Uqap Trail

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North Eagle

Tour Description

A tour around the green areas with beautiful green trees, olive trees, cypress and almonds, spread around the mountains that extend along the tour route. It is a fun 3km tour of Karam Uqap path, an easy and suitable route for everyone. Get off at the magnificent Saqb area and have breakfast at the beginning of the route. This tour includes a visit to the city of Jerash and disembark in its deer reserve. This distinctive reserve includes a number of beautiful deer. You need to take your children with you. Children love seeing the deer and trying to feed them. It will be a great photo opportunity! This tour also includes lunch which will be eaten in a special tourist restaurant within the tour. Do not miss the opportunity to Karam Uqap path!

• Sunblock
• Comfortable shoes

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• Transportation
• Lunch
• Breakfast

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• 2 days before

Duration: 4 hours

20, Jarash, Jordan

08:28 PM

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