Trail and Camping -North Eagle

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North Eagle

Tour Description

6 km of Jordan with Jordan Trail path. Before talking about anything can you guess what will be the lunch this tour ?! Yes, he is the Jordanian Mansaf. This tour starts with a morning breakfast, consisting of local produce, olives and tea. For mountaineering enthusiasts here will be a special activity with the organizing team for climbing and there will be mountain work. This tour takes the most beautiful part of the night, there will be a distinctive evening night on the tunes of Oud and a session on the firewood with competitions among participants. This tour serves my local dinner including tomatoes and potatoes. There will be camping with overnight! You will take your own tent and live in the forest and mountains! It's a wonderful tour worth the experience

• Sunblock
• Comfortable shoes
• Hiking Stick

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• Transportation
• Kunafa
• Dinner
• Lunch

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• 2 days before

Duration: 4 hour Hiking

عجلون،، Jordan

08:00 AM

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