Rayan Valley Trail

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If you decide to go on a trip to Ajloun, you will of course hear the name of Wadi Al Rayyan. Wadi Al-Rayyan is located north of the city of Ajloun in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and southwest of the northern city of Irbid. Wadi Al-Rayyan is characterized by the diversity of its topography where it contains mountains, valleys, plains and bottoms, and the most important features of the abundance of water and the spread of the eyes of the water. This tour with Wadi Al Rayyan route is easy and suitable for all ages, with a distance of 6 km starting from Arjan area and ending in Jdita. Breakfast is taken out before going out and making mountain drops down there. The tour includes lunches consisting of local meals of grilled meat, sajiyat, meat, chicken and tomatoes. Tea is served on fire during the tour.

• Comfortable shoes
• Sunblock

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• Transportation
• Lunch
• Breakfast

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• 2 days

Duration: 4 Hours

عجلون،، Jordan

08:00 AM

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