Omar Al Banna For Oriental Antiques

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Our lives today in the age of the Internet are changing rapidly and the value of things is constantly fading, but there are still houses that sponsor ancient artifacts and markets and exhibitions of ancient Oriental artifacts, which reflect their history and culture at the time. Omar Al Banna For Oriental Antiques located in the artisan market in Jerash. Omar Al Banna For Oriental Antiques offer the local visitor and the tourist the most beautiful ancient artifacts, accessories and folk and traditional embroideries. Generation after generation Oriental artifacts retain the identity of time and home. The importance of these markets is inseparable from the importance of art and culture, which distinguishes each country. No doubt with each tour we think about the things that we can keep in mind to constantly remind us of this journey. In addition, Omar Al Banna for Oriental Antiques where what suits the taste of women in the decoration of homes with antiquities of ancient and distinctive. This tour is an artistic and cultural tour that suits family and children in the beautiful city of Jerash.

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