Al Hawamdeh For Oriental Antiques

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Their passion for heritage and their attachment to the various oriental handicrafts, brought them together in one place, and was in the place of Al Hawamdeh For Oriental Antiques, with the aim of repairing all the defects and fractures caused by heritage artifacts, to return them as beautiful as they were. In Al Hawamdeh For Oriental Antiques, you can find sculptures, wood industries, handicrafts and leather, inside a private shop in Jerash. This tour is an artistic and cultural tour suitable for family and children in the beautiful city of Jerash. The importance of these markets is inseparable from the importance of art and culture, which distinguishes each country. No doubt with each tour we think about the things that we can keep in mind to constantly remind us of this journey. In addition to the markets where Omar fits the taste of women in the decoration of homes with antique and distinctive antiques and the purchase of shawls and embroideries distinctive in the markets of Al Hawamdeh For Oriental Antiques.

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Oriental Antiques local Culture Art Family

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• 2 days

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20, Jarash, Jordan

08:00 AM

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