Rima Al Zoubi Candles

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Darkness was the most important difficulty faced by man in history, he sought to illuminate the darkness to spread the light and warmth to his life. Ancient archaeological studies have shown that man in the Stone Age was the first to set fire, and knew the making of primitive candles. Or other herbs, and then became made from the fruits of blueberry and amber, and throughout the ages have also used paraffin wax, and developed the manufacture of wax until it arrived in its modern form nowadays.These candles are wonderful to be presented in the form of gifts or be kept or decorated home. In the Rima Al Zoubi Candles project, candles are manufactured in conical and pine shapes and are displayed in tourist exhibitions.

• Comfortable shoes

local Culture Art Family

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• 2 days before

Duration: one Hour

20, Jarash, Jordan

08:00 AM

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