Shahd Al Sabah Charitable Society

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Sewing is a beautiful hobby and a means of excellence in dress and is also a way to improve income. It is the art of connecting cloths together, in order to tailor and design many textile fabrics, the most important of which are clothing, curtains and dolls. Tailoring is one of the oldest professions people have known since they discovered yarns and made cloth. At Shahd Al Sabah Charitable Society, ladies buy cloths and yarns from the market, to make traditional peasant clothing that has been admired by old and new customers. The heritage dress has always been a reflection of the country's culture and history and expresses the most beautiful gifts that a visitor can hold for Jordan. The cloths are displayed in exhibitions and sold to the local visitor and tourist, it's a wonderful tour!

• Comfortable shoes

Family Art Culture local Children

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• Average price for one piece

• Transportation

• 2 days before

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20, Jarash, Jordan

08:00 AM

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