Ajloun Cycling team

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Ajloun Cycling team

Tour Description

Are you a cycling enthusiast but don't find the right place to do this kind of sport? What if we tell you that this sport is now available for the first time in Ajloun. We combine the breathtaking nature and fresh air with exercise, you get health and psychological comfort at the same time and in a one place. The cycling instructor Abdullah says that there are many tourist paths within the province that can be used sport cycling with flexibility and safety, which gives the visitor to this province many options for practicing different tourist activities (in an innovative way) to prolong the stay of the visitor within the province, which is A tourist booster for tourist realities within the province. These tourists are considered cycling tourism of non-existent and non-practicing tourists inside Ajloun governorate, which has become necessary to experience and promote these tourists, which face a great demand through tourists and visitors to the Ajloun governorate, which in turn enhances the employment opportunities of the local communities through these tourists and open tourist destinations and windows New promotes areas and communities not listed on the tourist map. Ajloun governorate has many tourist routes that tourists can enjoy using private bicycles which are prepared to walk safely on these routes. Abdullah also adds: We look forward in the future to invite clubs and bicycle practitioners within the Kingdom to an annual festival under the name of Touristic Ajloun tour, during which visit the most famous tourist places and paths using bicycles to be held this raft twice in the spring and the beginning of autumn. Book your trip now with Ajloun cycling team and get to know Abdullah and follow us constantly to see the latest developments in cycling on the Ajloun Heights.

• Comfortable shoes
• Sunblock

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• Bike Hiking

• Transportation

• 2 days

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عجلون،، Jordan

10:00 AM

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