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Oriental artifacts regain the charm of heritage and the language of history.Antiques have been and still symbolize a long history of culture, science and the arts, and will remain the title of the past stages of the civilizational growth of nations, and some consider it the indicator of urbanization, which depends on the assessment of the extent of development of the nation at a certain historical stage. Oriental artifacts in the country are filled with great interest from tourists, amateur artifacts, artists and intellectuals, because of the impact of magic on those who understand its dimensions and can translate its meanings from the book of the past to the lines of the present. Fares Zatima Oriental Antiques Shop Oriental antiques, accessories, embroidery and hand work, also specializes in engraving on metals, all of which are displayed in the shop itself.

• Comfortable shoes

Oriental Antiques Culture Art Family

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20, Jarash, Jordan

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