Local Bread Experience- Beit Jeddi

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beit jeadi

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Local Bread Experience- Beit Jeddi, always remember the family day around the morning breakfast table. Hot tea is its main ingredient. The breakfast table in Jordan is not without oil, thyme, olives. Jordanian cuisine can be described as an unexpected talent kitchen. When mixing quality spices, fresh ingredients and a rich food culture, you are sure to make an appointment with a selection of mouth-watering selections on the menu. Before all this, there is a need for municipal bread, brown and tabun bread. In the house of my grandfather you can prepare your favorite bread in a great experience with the team, from preparing dough and baking

• Sunblock
• Comfortable shoes

local Culture Family Children

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• Breakfast

• Transportation

• 2 days

Duration : 4 hours

20, Jarash, Jordan

08:00 AM

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