Cafe in Beit Jeddi House

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beit jeadi

Tour Description

Cafe in Beit Jeddi house, where nature and fresh air, my grandfather's house, a house that has existed since 1940, is a passion for every visitor who wants to spend a wonderful time in it, because of its beauty and prestige, it is an example of the place I visited recalled the old memories and the most beautiful moments of your family life, and this is the idea The real project. In Cafe in Beit Jeddi House where you can be calm, you can enjoy sitting in the arms of nature, reading a book or sipping your coffee, or even enjoying the quietness of the place and staying away from the stress of work.

• Comfortable shoes
• Sunblock

Local Food local Children Family Culture

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• Breakfast

• Transportation

• 2 days

Meeting at the place

20, Jarash, Jordan

08:00 AM

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