Ain El Baida Restaurant

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Ain Al-baydaa

Tour Description

From Ain El Baida Restaurant in Ajloun, the smell of the delicious food comes, and the laughter of visitors from all over in Jordan is so high. Ain El Baida Restaurant is located few kilometers from the city of Ajloun. The owner of the great woman who is called Um Hanafi. There is no single person who came to Ain El Baida Restaurant and returned to his town without being so happy because of this funny woman, and because of her sense of humor and the lightness of her shadow. Um Hanafi is gentle with all whom she knows and do not know. Ain El Baida Restaurant is located in the mountains of Ajloun governorate, where the charm of green nature, forests and base. Where there is a fresh nature and a fresh air, comfort and contentment. The most beautiful thing that distinguishes the Ain El Baida Restaurant from other relaxing places and the reason for the so-called break is the natural running water that passes from the break, which is named the Eye. As for the food, choose what you crave with closed eyes, because the food is prepared and presented by Ms. Um Hanafi, the flavor does never disappoint. You can then sweeten your mouth by picking fresh fruits from figs and pomegranates that you are sitting under their shade and inhale their pleasant smell. If you don't want to eat figs or pomegranates now, you can take some. And then come back a new psyche to your home in the city, and whenever you miss this relaxing atmosphere, we are waiting for you with our full equipment in Ain El Baida Restaurant.

• Sunblock
• Comfortable shoes

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• Lunch or dinner

• Transportation

• 2 days

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عجلون،، Jordan

08:00 AM

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