Ibrahim Al Qurashi Honey & Apiaries

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Al Qurashi for the production of honey bees / tour

Tour Description

Beekeeping is one of the branches of agriculture, and is one of the most successful agricultural projects, so many farmers who are beekeepers seek to pay attention to their bees and care to produce honey and wax and royal jelly and pollen with high quality. Al Qurashi for the production of honey bees / tourist exhibition is an open place with high views and a quiet session between the embrace of nature and forest trees and wild flowers among the scenic. The tour takes you on a honey production journey from caring for hives to taking care of them and extracting honey from them.

• Comfortable shoes
• Shnblock

Bee keeping local Family

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• Taste of natural honey
• Bee Keeping Experience

• Transportation

• 2 days before

Duration :4 hours

عجلون،، Jordan

08:00 AM

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