Masterpieces of recycling

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Masterpieces of recycling

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Do you love your country and do you care about its cleanliness? And do you care about your health and all who you love? Have you ever wondered how to recycle household and environmental waste? Do you know that about one billion pieces of plastic are manufactured annually according to the latest statistics? And did you know that all the pieces of plastic made by man still survive until now because the plastic does not degrade on the ground? Where do millions of waste go through the ages? Hence we owe it to everyone who works on recycling and manufacturing. But what if I tell you that one of the most creative recyclers lives in the Jordanian city of Jerash? Believe it or not, if you do not, you must now book your journey of Masterpieces Of Recycling which will take you to a world of fantasy where Um Shehab, a handicraft artist lives. Um Shehab lives in a country house on the highlands of Jerash, and the second floor of her house is a beautiful break which is like an inspiration for Um Shehab. The break over the olive trees overlooks, creating an inspiring image for Um Shehab and everyone who visits her. After contemplating the olive branches, Um Shehab rushes to take advantage of all nature's remnants. They are made of plastic cans for garden and kitchen equipment, for example making ponds like no other, and are created with any worthless piece to turn them into art. Not only that, but Um Shehab gives courses on recycling because of her belief in the need to preserve the nature that God has given us and that we must deliver it to our grandchildren as it is delivered to us by our ancestors. Be part of this idea and build your land without damaging nature by booking your journey of Masterpieces Of Recycling.

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Duration :3 hours

20, Jarash, Jordan

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