Dead Sea: the highest point in the heart


 Dead Sea: the highest point in the heart this god miracle, is a sea in which living beings do not live but its air and .nature rich in minerals and therapeutic salts

Renews your life and makes your heart come alive, as washing your soul from worries that have accumulated over .the years

Moisten your heart gently before your body.

When you see the integration of the sky with its beautiful blue crystal color, and the pulse of your living heart, the most detailed guide, never delay

there are many activities waiting there for you to read a written sign in the sky – which you will think for a moment that is different from our everyday skies – The lowest spot on the surface of the earth, the Auspices Z-point in the heart “


If you do not plan to visit the Dead Sea for a whole day or more, you will miss a lot.

Dead Sea the highest point in the heart

is the only scene in the world where it is lower than sea level and salty salinity of water.

It is located in the middle of the Jordan Valley at 400 meters.

It consists of a series of mountain heights on the edge of the Jordan Valley, the Balqa heights and the plateaus of Salt in the west

and the heights of Jerusalem to the east.

Just sit on top of it and enjoy the sea scene in front of you,

surrender to this divine surprise and do not be afraid to throw all your secrets in that place! It will be buried with the rest of the secrets stored safely.

 The Dead Sea:

attracts a large number of tourists throughout the year due to its climate.

It is also the focus of the researchers’ attention because of its warm water rich in sodium, potassium and manganese salts.

It is a famous treatment area since ancient times.

It has known historical figures such as Kilopatra (the famous Pharaonic queen) Manufacture of many cosmetic and therapeutic salts and minerals of the Dead Sea.

   There are many activities in Dead Sea the highest point in the heart

Amman Tourist Beach:

Located 2 km away from the Dead Sea, the hotels offer swimming pools, bathing and changing rooms. It has a beautiful environment suitable for hiking. It is a family beach suitable for all ages. Every visitor who does not wish to benefit from the resort and hotel services, very few, it is also suitable for concerts and personal events.


“It is amazing that Jesus passed away from here.

” Do not miss this place, which combines history, culture, religion and tourism

where Jesus, peace be upon him, was baptized in his thirtieth year to begin a great divine mission.

The bath is located in Wadi Kharar, Annia.

Therapeutic Spas:

The Dead Sea has been a major development.

It has many hotels and spa resorts with swimming pools, hot waterfalls and views,

and many facilities that make your visit more beautiful.

All you have to do is search the internet and book in a hotel.

You will have a lot to say about your experience.

For your friends.


Do not miss visiting the Ma’in Baths when you decide to go to the Dead Sea, which is 58 km south of the capital province and 120 meters below sea level.

They are healing waterfalls that heal body and soul together, and include many hotels and tourist resorts as well.

Dead Sea Panorama:

The Dead Sea Panorama is one of the most important projects that have been implemented to make it a tourist interface that attracts visitors from all over the world

and contributed to its distinguished location

the wonderful accompaniment, and the beautiful view with a map showing the distance and distances between the Palestinian cities.

  The museum, which has a private corridor leading to the Dead Sea’s main restaurant and the Dead Sea, is built on the shape of drawers.

On its side are columns adorned with arches with a magnificent architectural design.

In addition to a glass courtyard, the conference hall is separated from the museum with a fountain

a state-of-the-art tourist restaurant and a small outdoor circular theater for singing concerts and various art shows

Dead Sea: the highest point in the heart , continues to be one of the greatest immortal scenes in history,

not only as a therapeutic area but also rich in religious, historical and cultural scenes, making it a focal point of interest and an important attraction for visitors.

Dead Sea: the highest point in the heart!!