Downtown – The most beautiful in Amman


Downtown  – The most beautiful in Amman

The visitor feels downtown in the Jordanian capital of Amman

in a huge popular market between simple people, their shops and their goods.

But the fact is that he walks among alleys with an ancient and original history.

More than just markets or streets that combine authenticity with modernity.

The tourist walks among popular shops

whose goods are hung on the facades, which are varied and painted in bright colors that attract the tourist from a distance

among the Antiques shops, which are full of handicrafts and ceramics.

Old markets in Downtown :

And narrow alleys, sidewalks, crowded streets with people and cars, but still the most beautiful place in Amman, according to local fans.

The markets in the center of the country varied, and their names were varied.

Behind each name was a story.

The most famous markets were

Menko, Al-Bilabas, and Sugar :

which bore the names of ancient families that settled in the fifties of the last century.

Bukhari market :

is considered the oldest market in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

It was established since 1942 by traders who came to Jordan from Bukhara city and called

the market relative to them, where goods and commodities are different.

 History in the country :

The center of the city is located on the ruins of the old Umayyad Mosque.

The mosque has been built since 1924, and the mosque is built on the ruins of the old  Umayyad Mosque.

His religious status as a mosque where prayers are raised, and prayers are held in the

presence of thousands

of worshipers is also the starting point for mass rallies in which people express their anger  and rejection of national and Arab events.

The place is full of simple popular cafes and restaurants that serve popular dishes like

“Hashim” Restaurant :

 which has become famous for the simplicity of the hummus and

falafel dishes offered by even the kings.

There are also other famous "kanafa" sweets where visitors line up Tourists in the

"queues" long to get the piece has an indescribable

taste. In the land of ecstasy, a lot still fascinates you and you are in the middle, in an

atmosphere full of spontaneity, vitality and magic.